Vocabulary for Group 16 Exercises



Part of Speech




 ōra, -ae  Noun 1st f.  shore; edge, rim; boundary, limit
 tellūs, -ūris  Noun 3rd f.  earth  Poetic
 classis, -is  Noun 3rd f.  fleet (of ships)
 voluptās, -tātis  Noun 3rd f.  pleasure
 mulier, -is  Noun 3rd f.  woman
 soror, -ōris  Noun 3rd f.  sister
 arx, arcis  Noun 3rd f.  citadel, stronghold
 foris, -is  Noun 3rd f  door
 regiō, -ōnis  Noun 3rd f  region, district;
 caedēs, -is  Noun 3rd f  slaughter
 ōrātiō, -ōnis  Noun 3rd f  oration, speech, act of speaking
 avis, -is  Noun 3rd f  bird
 hiems, hiemis  Noun 3rd f  winter
 magnitūdō, -tūdinis  Noun 3rd f  magnitude; extent
 sors, sortis  Noun 3rd f  chance, lot (in a lottery)
 cohors, -hortis  Noun 3rd f  cohort [military unit]
 mōlēs, -is  Noun 3rd f  shapeless mass, bulk, pile
 famēs, -is  Noun 3rd f  hunger; famine
 fōrs, (fōrtis)  Noun 3rd f (only nom. and abl.)  chance, luck
 turris, -is  Noun 3rd f  tower
 nūbēs, -is  Noun 3rd f  cloud; mist
 frōns, frōntis  Noun 3rd f  forehead, brow; front
 condiciō, -ōnis  Noun 3rd f  agreement; condition
 puppis, -is  Noun 3rd f  stern of a ship; ship
 ratis, -is  Noun 3rd f  raft
 iaciō, -ere, iēcī, iactus  Verb 3rd -io  throw
 iactō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus  Verb 1st  throw, cast
 co(n)i(i)ciō, -ere, -iēcī, -iectus  Verb 3rd -io  hurl (with great force); throw together, collect
 agitō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus  Verb 1st  agitate, stir up
 cantō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus  Verb 1st  sing, make musical sound; celebrate in song; enchant
 versō, -āre, -āvī, ātus  Verb 1st  turn ___ about, twirl ___, spin___; turn ___over, think over ___
 convertō, -ere, -vertī, -versus  Verb 3rd  cause to turn; convert change
 praetereō, -īre, -ī(v)ī, -itus  Verb Irregular  go past, by
 transeō, -īre, -iī, -itus  Verb Irregular  go across
 trādō, -ere, -didī, -ditus  Verb 3rd  hand over; pass on; surrender
 prōdō, -ere, -didī, -ditus  Verb 3rd  give forth; betray
 ōrō, -āre, -āvī, -ātus  Verb 1st  speak; plead (a case); pray, entreat, beg
 contemnō, -ere, -tempsī, -temptus  Verb 3rd  despise, disdain; slight
 subeō, -īre, -i(v)ī, -itum  Verb Irregular  go up from under, go under; support; undergo; follow, come after
(in time)
 sustineō, -ēre, -uī, -tentus  Verb 2nd  uphold, bear up, support, sustain; hold back, check; endure;
 suscipiō, -ere, -cēpī, -ceptus  Verb 3rd -io  undertake
āvertō, -ere, -vertī, -versus  Verb 3rd turn ___ away, avert
āmittō, -ere, -mīsī, -missus  Verb 3rd send away; let go; lose
absum, -esse, āfuī, āfutūrus  Verb Irregular be away, be absent
abeō, -īre, -iī, -itūrus  Verb Irregular go away, depart; disappear, pass away
auferō, -ferre, abstulī, ablātus  Verb 3rd Irregular take away, withdraw ___, remove
edō, edere/ēsse, ēdī, ēsus  Verb Irregular eat, consume
īnstruō, -ere, -strūxī, -strūctus  Verb 3rd set in order, draw up; prepare, make ready; provide
induō, -ere, -uī, -ūtus  Verb 3rd put on (clothes), cover
contendō, -ere, -tendī, -tentus  Verb 3rd strain, strive, exert (oneself); journey hastily, march; contend, fight; dispute
pendō, -ere, pependī, pēnsus  Verb 3rd weigh ____; pay; ponder, consider ____
cōnsistō, -ere, -stitī, -stitum  Verb 3rd stand, halt, come to a stop; take a stand, stand firm; consist (of)
poscō, -ere, poposcī, —  Verb 3rd demand, request, beg; require, call for
dēligō, -ere, -lēgī, -lēctus  Verb 3rd pick out, choose, select, designate Prefix
incendō, -ere, -cendī, -cēnsus  Verb 3rd set ___ on fire, set fire to ___; inflame, incite, incense
lūdō, -ere, lūsī, lūsus  Verb 3rd play
resistō, -ere, -stitī, —  Verb 3rd stay behind, remain standing; resist, oppose (+ dat.) Prefix
sternō, -ere, strāvī, strātus  Verb 3rd spread ___, spread ___ out, cover; smooth ___, level, make ___ level
cingō, -ere, cinxī, cinctus  Verb 3rd gird; surround; wreathe
ruo, -ere, ruī, (ruitūrus)  Verb 3rd fall, be ruined; rush, hasten
fīgō, -ere, fīxī, fīxus  Verb 3rd affix, fasten, fix; pierce
flectō, -ere, flēxī, flexus  Verb 3rd bend, curve, turn; sway, persuade, appease
alō, -ere, uī, al(i)tus  Verb 3rd nourish, feed, support; make to grow
cōnfīdō, -ere, -fīsus sum  Verb 3rd trust (completely), rely on (+ dat.); be assured, believe (firmly)
plērusque, plēraque, plērumque  Adjective 1/2 most; the majority, very many;
plērumque (adv.): for the most part, generally
vagus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 wandering, roaming, rambling, unsettled
praecipuus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 (taken before others); special, particular, excellent
castus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 morally pure, chaste, spotless, clean, pious, unpolluted
cavus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 hollow, sunken
asper, aspera, asperum  Adjective 1/2 rough, harsh, cruel
nūdus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 bare, naked, nude, unclothed [of outer garments]; stripped, plain, unadorned
mundus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 clean, elegant, neat, refined
albus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 white, pale
prīvātus, -a, -um  Adjective 1/2 (apart from the state or public); private, individual, personal
vīgintī  Adjective Indeclinable twenty
plērusque  Pronoun the greater part; very many
intereā  Adverb meanwhile, in the meantime;
nevertheless, however
praetereā  Adverb besides, in addition, moreover
quīn  Subordinating Conjunction [negative] . . . but that;
(who) not
 Adverb Why not?; rather
forās (accusative) Adverb (to out of doors); to outside, out
forīs  (ablative) Adverb (at/in out of doors), outside, abroad; from abroad, from without
valdē  Adverb very, exceedingly, (strongly)
modo (/modō)  Adverb only, merely;
just now, presently
hodiē  Adverb (on this day), today
praeter  Preposition + acc. besides; except;
past (place), along; beyond
trāns  Preposition + acc. across;
on the other side