Vocabulary Exercise: Word Recognition

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Exercises on Accurately Recognizing Latin Word Forms

The purpose of this exercise to increase speed and accuracy in word recognition. Developing automatic recognition frees up brain space in working memory for processing other aspects of reading sentences. It also improves your reading by helping to develop unconscious familiarity with Latin word types (combinations of consonants and vowels and where and which ones differentiate Latin words), thus decreasing mistranslations of misidentified words. The object is (or seems) simple: find the word that is exactly the same as the word given (including vowel length). Note that there is a timer above. Click “start” on the timer to start. The timer will stop automatically when you click on “submit” at the end of the exercise to check your answers and get your score. You can repeat the exercise to work to improve your time and/or score. If you reload the page (Refresh: circle arrow icon), you will get a different version.

Choose the word that is exactly the same as the word given:
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inter:       iter uter inter itur infer
nōbīs:        nobilis vōbīs nōtīs nōbīs
propter:      prope proprius propter prōrēta
omnis:       omnis omnino ominis omnēs
suscipit:       suspicit suscipiet suscipiat suscipit
mūrus:       mūrus munus nummus mūris
timōre:       timēre timōre temerē tumēre
clāmāre:       clāmāre clāmōre clāmōsō clārēre
hōrum:       hārum hōrae hōrārum hōrum
venit:       venit vēnit veniet verrit
habēbat:       hebēbat habēbit habēbant habēbat
tenēre:       tenera tenuēre tenēre timēre