Magna Carta Chart of Rulers

Magna Carta Genealogy
Dukes of Normandy Kings of England
William I (the Conqueror) King Edward the Confessor d. 1066 (cousing of William I, to whom he allegedly promised the crown)
King Harold of Wessex (strongest Anglo-Saxon noble) 1066 defeated by invading William I in Battle of Hastings
William I (the Conqueror)(1066-1087)
Robert (son of William) (later defeated by Henry I) William II Rufus (1087- 1100)
Henry I (110-1135) (youngest son of William)
Stephen of Blois (1135-1141) (baron, grandson of William, nephew of Henry I)
Matilda (1141) (daughter of Henry I and appointed successor)
Stephen of Blois (1141-1154)
(Henry II: Duke of Normandy) Plantagenet Dynasty: Henry II (1154-1189) (grandson of Henry I through mother Empress Matilda; father: Geoffrey, Count of Anjou, France)
Richard I (Lionheart) (1189- 1199) (son of Henry II)
King Philip (king of France, who defeated John) John (1199-1216) (son of Henry II)
Henry III (1216-1272) (ruled through a regent until 1232)
Edward I “Longshanks” (1272-1307)