“Quick Check” Check List

“Quick Check” Check List

(most common “oops”)

Verb:  Does each clause have a finite verb?
number and person (agree with the subject?)
perfect passive participle form: gender and number (agree with the subject?)
Tense?  (especially future of 3rd/4th conjugation)
(perfect stem?  perfect endings?)
direct object (with transitive verb)?
+ special case with certain verbs?

Adjectives:  gender and number? (and case, especially plural)
3rd declension stem?
neuter forms?

Nouns and pronouns:  case (especially plurals)?
3rd declension stem?
neuter forms?

Preposition: object in right case?

Place: (where)  to vs. at. vs.  from?


Methods:    Read the sentence out loud.
Read and point to each word one at a time.