About Me

Rebecca Harrison
Professor Emerita of Classics, Truman State University

B.A. in Latin, minor in Greek, Dickinson College; M.A., PhD. in Classics, University of Pennsylvania.

Teaching and research interests: philology; language learning and teaching, post-classical Latin; Greek New Testament and early (Latin and Greek) Christian texts, study of ancient manuscripts.

Relevant Articles and websites:

“Exercises for Developing Prediction Skills in Reading Latin Sentences,” Teaching Classical Languages Fall 2010.

“A Structural Arrangement of Text to Facilitate Reading,” Classical Journal 102.3 (2007) 291-303. (Available on JSTOR).
Compare the webpage here on per cola et commata

Second Language Learning website

“Learning (and Teaching) Latin Verb Tenses: Applying Second Language Acquisition Research and Analyses of Verb Uses in Context,” Teaching Classical Languages 10.2.