Exercises for Vocabulary Group 1

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These exercises are designed to help you practice the vocabulary words, to develop your understanding of them beyond the basic memorization of a translation(s), to form appropriate expectations in reading, and, for some of the ones you already know, to take them to the next level.

I. Which word could be an opposite of:
terra: A) sōl B) aurum C) aqua D) alta
caelum: A) bellum B) numerum C) terra D) dō
pater: A) fīlius B) terra C) annus D) nunc
māter: A) pater B) nātūra C) verbum D) bona
dat: A) habet B) capit C) amat D) tam

II. Which word is not associated in meaning with the others?
A) deus B) sacer C) dīvus D) verbum
A) pater B) māter C) annus D) fīlius
A) nātūra B) caelum C) numerus D) terra
A) numerus B) alta C) ūnum D) trēs

III. Given the following word or phrase, what word best fulfills your expectation of what would come next in Latin?

1. respondēre _________ A) habet B) potest C) sunt
2. tam ________ A) nātūram B) certus C) cēpit D) ego
3. ad ________ A) patris B) deōrum C) amīcōs
4. ad mē ________ A) respondit B) mīsit
5. hic ________ A) locus B) vīta C) bellum D) verbī
6. hīc ________ A) annus B) sunt C) numerī

IV. Choose the best answer:
Quis est? _________ est. A) amīcus B) aurum C) patrem

V. Complete the following, using the Latin basis of the English words as needed.

A novel idea is one that is _______.

A solar eclipse is an eclipse of the _______.

Au is the chemical symbol for _________.

A verbose explanation is one that is full of (unnecessary) _________.

A somnolent speech is one that tends to induce ___________.

Celestial phenomena are those appearing in the __________. (What does Latin ae often change to in English?)

VI. Choose the word from the list given that best completes each phrase or sentence.

1. James had hitherto treated his mother with ______ respect. (Robertson, Hist. Scot. I)
2. A truce of six months between the ___________ parties . . . (Prescott, Ferd and Is., I. iv.)
3. The altar appears to be dedicated to one of these obscure local _______. (D. Wilson, Preh. Ann.)

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